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After much poking, I've gone and made myself a Patreon page where people can toss me a tip or two if they're so inclined. I don't have much experience with Patreon--most of my crowdfunding work's been through Kickstarter, or through individual Paypal donations--but so far it's been intriguing!

Anyway, if you want to poke around over there, there's the link.
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1. I wrote four new novels: A Bloom in the North, Mindtouch, Mindline and Rose Point.
2. I wrote two new short stories, currently unreleased. I also wrote five new case studies (“Wet,” “Knife,” “Swimming,” “Finite” and “Piano”) and four chapters for The Ai-Naidari Guidebook.
3. I wrote a couple of articles for SFWA and Lord knows how many blog posts and vignettes, including the “Lair by the Sea” fluff and some backstory for Even the Wingless (“The Usurper”) and Black Blossom (“Three Suitcases”).
4. And for fun I did a count; this year I discovered 68 new Ai-Naidari words with your help.
Total Count (Fiction): 481,390 words

1. I drew 88 comics.
2. I did 4 full-size paintings: “Protection,” the Art Deco Alysha for the cover of Alysha’s Fall, and the back and front cover for The Godson’s Triumph.
3. I did 12 paintings for the children’s book interior.
4. I did 2 color pencil pieces for the covers of Mindtouch and Mindline.
5. I did 10 B&W interior illustrations for The Godson’s Triumph and Claws and Starships.
6. I did 14 micropaintings (I believe! I sold them all so I don’t recall).
7. I did a lot of sketching, which I didn’t keep track of, in both tiny sketchbooks and large; in the car, at restaurants and bars, at home.
Total New Finished Art: 130 pieces

1. I released six new e-books: Pearl in the Void, A Bloom in the North, Earthrise, Mindtouch and Mindline, The Godson’s Triumph.
2. I released four new print editions: Claws and Starships, Mindtouch, Earthrise and Rose Point.
3. I released seven audiobooks: The Kickstarter book, “Unknowable,” “Anadi Dolls,” A Rosary of Stones and Thorns, “The Blade to Your Hand,” Even the Wingless, and Earthrise.
4. I published two short stories in anthologies, “Improved Cubicle Door” in Unidentified Flying Objects 2 and “Second” in What Happens Next.

1. I concluded the Earthrise serialization!
2. I started the serialization for An Heir to Thorns and Steel.
3. I have posted, ad hoc, entries in two quasi serials, “Lair by the Sea” (5 entries) and “The Usurper” (5 entries).

1. I ran two Kickstarters, and prepared for two more.
2. I attended one convention, NecronomiCon, more for enjoyment than anything else!
3. I ran two livestreams! Wow, lol. I was quiet this year.
4. I did one twitter chat for the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writer’s Chat folks, and did a chat presentation on cover art for SFWA.
5. I started a newsletter this year, and have sent out 2 quarterly updates so far.
6. I got my own Wikipedia entry! *beams* Feel free to add to it if you like.

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Wow, I appear to have gotten a Daily Deviation. Thank you all! And um, hi. O_O

I'm currently finishing up interior illustrations for a couple of books, one the first novel of an epic fantasy, Flight of the Godkin Griffin, and the other a short story collection. I'll be adding those to my e- and print book empire there (see Amazon and Smashwords, or my writing page).

I'm in the process of moving all my prints over to Zazzle, but I have a lot left on ImageKind also. Lot of work there. Slow but steady!

I also have a livejournal and a twitter, for those who want to follow. :)
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Um, yeah, apparently I have a tendency to forget to update my random galleries elsewhere. But honestly, I still live! I have been very busy getting my backlist of short stories and collections up on Amazon and Smashwords. You can check those out by perusing my Writing Page, which gives you a short synopsis of each setting/group of stories and a reading order, with links to buy.

I'm also hard at work on another paperback collecting my existing Jokka short stories. That project is almost ready for sale. You can read more about it here!

And that's about all I got right now, I think. More when I figure out where I left off on my uploads!
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This month's topic for my art business blog is how to promote yourself without feeling used-car-salesman-icky. Come check the cartoon jaguars out at the Three Micahs!
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This month's blog topic is how to manage time as a creative professional. You can check it out here on Blogspot! Hail the cartoon jaguars!
My latest column on doing business as an artist is about using your inner customer to help you develop your inner marketer. Come read it at Blogspot:…

Features cartoon jaguars! Honest!
I am waffling on my next painting, but it will probably be of space marines, an elf building a model of a dragon, or a floating mage. -_-

In the meantime, I'm trying ImageKind for prints! You can check that out here.
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Information on buying prints of my latest piece is available here on livejournal!

My next projects are an engineer elf and a crazy montage of space marines. Heh. :)
Go have a look at my favorite sketches from 2009 over on my livejournal!…
I have prints available of all my most recent art again, so if you're interested, pop me an email/comment (haikujaguar at gmail).

Also, my latest book is now available, too: You can see it and the others at my writing page.

Thanks for stopping by!
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I'm putting art on lots of fun and useful objects! Check out the Stardancer.Org Store if you want art, but have no wallspace left. There's a free-shipping, no minimum order to anywhere in the world special going on in June, so now's definitely the time to pick something up!
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I'm having my seasonal art sale on originals, prints, postcards and bookmarks! Have a look:…
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I know I vanished for a long time... I misplaced my password. But I've finally gotten that fixed, so I'll be uploading finished art here from time to time.

Thanks for your patience! :)
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I thought I'd drop a brief bio here.

I write science fiction and fantasy, and draw/paint to relax in my spare time.

I don't plan to use this place for sketches, only finished pieces. If you'd like to see my sketches, I post 3-10 of those a week at my website, Stardancer.Org. I also have a livejournal for news at

I look forward to chatting with everyone! :)